Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Eating from the fridge? Not your fault!

Are you tormented by a constant hunger? Can't stop yourself from getting that extra snack between meals?

Don't be to hard on your self. According to a resent study from The Sahlgrenska Academy at The University of Gothenburg,  excess hunger can be explained by low levels of a certain molecule.

The molecule,  interleukin-6, normally acts in the human immune system. But it also affects those parts of the brain that regulates feelings of hunger.

The study suggest that having a high level of  interleukin-6 to a certain degree protects from obesity - at least it does so on rats. Exactly how it is not yet clear. The scientist have however been able to demonstrate a correlation between low levels of interleukin-6 and obesity on rats.

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Swedish employers discriminate almost everybody

Looking for a job in Sweden? Make sure not to be obese, old (55+), of Non-European descent, Muslim, Jewish, have called in sick five times in a year or have many children.  If you are, or have, you will most likely be discriminated.

A recent study from IFAU (Institute for Evaluation of Labor Market and Education Policy), at the University of Uppsala, suggest that it is much harder for people with the above mentioned characteristics to get a job.

To be obese, or to have been ill, reduces a person chance to get employed with 80 percent. Being old reduces your chances with 64 percent and being a Muslim, a  Jew or a parent to many children reduces one's chances with 25 percent.

On the other hand, the study suggests that being female doesn't hamper one's  opportunities for work.